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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jul 15, 2013 8:34pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

Another researcher has corrected me on some points - I gave the wrong date for the footage above, misidentifying where it was shot.

Here is a corrected itinerary for the tour, showing what comes from where:

6/27/70 CNE Stadium, Toronto -
Garcia's stage announcement about a free show is in the film.
Nothing from the Dead's stadium show is available.

6/27/70 Coronation Park, Toronto -
A short clip of an acoustic Dead set from this free show is in the film.
The audio is Friend of the Devil - however, it doesn't match the footage, so it could come from anywhere.

The Dead may have played in the park again on 6/28.

6/28/70 CNE Stadium, Toronto -
The Dead apparently did not play the stadium again on this day.

7/1/70 Winnipeg Fairgrounds -
Nighttime show.
Easy Wind (DVD)

The scene with Garcia & Weir arguing with the girl was filmed in Winnipeg before the show.
No More Cane on the Brazos was on the last night of the train ride before reaching Calgary.

7/3/70 McMahon Stadium, Calgary -
There was no show this day, apparently. I don't know why this date was reported for a Dead show.
As far as we know, there were two Calgary shows on 7/4 and 7/5. I believe the Dead just played on 7/4.

7/4/70 McMahon Stadium, Calgary -
An afternoon show.
Acoustic: Don't Ease Me In (film)
Acoustic: Candyman, Dire Wolf, Uncle John's Band (Taper's Section)
NRPS clip (on youtube, no audio)
Electric: Me & My Uncle, China>Rider (Taper's Section)
Electric: New Speedway Boogie (film & Taper's Section)
Electric: Hard to Handle (DVD & partial on Archive "7/1/70")
Electric: Lovelight (Taper's Section & partial clips on youtube)

Garcia & Kreutzmann can also be seen in the nighttime jam with Ian & Sylvia doing CC Rider, probably the same day. (A youtube clip is much longer than shown in the film.)
It may seem bizarre that Ian & Sylvia would go on AFTER the Dead, but after all, this was Canada...

Unknown -
The "7/1/70" clip on the Archive has an electric Candyman which could come from any of the earlier shows. Maybe it's the same show as the Easy Wind.
The end of the film has audio of an acoustic Cold Jordan with NRPS, which could come from anywhere.

EDIT - Updating the updates!
After some more research, it's clear that the Dead only played one show in Toronto, and one in Calgary. For those two-day stretches, the promoters added more bands so that some bands would play on Saturday, some on Sunday.
A newspaper review of the Toronto Festival makes it clear that the Dead only played the stadium on Saturday 6/27. NRPS came on at 9 pm; then the Dead came on & played an hour-long set; then the Band closed out the day. Other performers, including Janis, played the next day. (This makes it more likely that the Dead played in the park again on 6/28.)
A deadlists witness of the Calgary shows says that the Dead played a long set on the first day, and the Band & Janis appeared the next day.

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Poster: Arck Date: Jul 16, 2013 8:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

Hello there. I'm delighted to see you've opened up this discussion again. I was hoping you'd get involved when I posted originally.

A few responses:

1. How did we miss the 4th/5th July dating, rather than the 3rd? It's shown right here!!;date=1970-7-3

2. We can't place Easy Wind ( with certainty as far as I know but...

3.'s conceivably from the same location as the all-star jam ( - Garcia appears to be dressed the same anyway.

4. I think the Candyman on the LMA ( directly proceeds the Easy Wind. Listen to the end of the Easy can hear them teasing Candyman. The end of the Archive Easy Wind matches the end of the FE Easy Wind and the Candyman follows completely naturally - same ambience, same tape sound. I'm almost certain the Candyman is from the same show, whatever show that is. The fact it's dated 1 July on the Archive might mean something but then the Hard To Handle is dated 1 July as well and we know it's not.

5. The footage we seem to have from Calgary, which is all clearly from the same location (with the blue stage, with peeling paint):
Don't Ease -
New Riders -
Hard To Handle -
New Speedway -
Lovelight 1 -
Lovelight 2 (which begins with the very end of New Speedway) -

6. Combining the YouTube footage (that came out of nowhere!) and the Taper's Section audio, we might have most of this show - four acoustic songs followed by six electric songs. Would they have played much more in a festival?

Sorry - most of this is just repeating what you've said. It's late but I'll be back to discuss this.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jul 16, 2013 12:39pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

When you originally posted on this tour, I didn't have time to contribute & thought I'd get around to it later... Well, I guess the later finally arrived!

I didn't get into all the reasons for my footage placements here - see these comments for a more thorough look at the research:

I suspect there isn't much more footage (& possibly no audio) from the free Coronation Park show(s). The Dead probably played there two days in a row, as deadlists says; there's no contemporary proof, but what else would they have done on 6/28? The first park show on 6/27 went from 7 pm to 4 am; the newspaper account for 6/28 is more vague, but it's clear there was a park show that evening as well.
The thing is, the film crew would not have been prepared to film two separate concert locations at once (let alone setting up the park sound feed as well), so my guess is their filming in the park was brief & limited.

The Easy Wind is definitely from Winnipeg 7/1. You can glimpse the same fairground rides outside that we see during Buddy Guy's Winnipeg set in the film.

I think you're right, Easy Wind to Candyman is continuous!
What intrigues me is that this audio clip is said to be taken from VHS footage, yet I'm not aware of any video circulating for the Candyman.

The all-star jam, I think is the evening of 7/4. Kreutzmann seems to be wearing the same flower shirt, and I think Garcia's put on his denim shirt over the purple T. Also, the Rolling Stone article on the tour confirms that this jam was in Calgary.

All the other Dead footage besides Easy Wind is definitely Calgary 7/4. (As I learned when studying the footage, ignore the stage backdrop - they used the same one in every show, which threw me at first - just go by their clothes & the shots of the stadium.)
The editing in the film is quite tricky & creative - for instance the Calgary Don't Ease Me In is edited with Toronto crowd footage; and you can also see that the DVD Hard to Handle includes footage that we now know is actually from the Lovelight! (This is likely to cover for lack of extra camera angles.)

I'm not sure the show was much longer. At Toronto 6/27, the Dead's set was an hour (plus the NRPS set); with about the same number of bands appearing at Calgary, they should've had roughly the same time slot.
And yet, they could've played longer, too. A deadlists witness claims that the Dead-NRPS show was about 4 hours, which I'm sure is a considerable exaggeration.
Also, the Dead played an acoustic set before NRPS, which they did not do in Toronto 6/27. (Or, technically, they seem to have played acoustic in the park, and then electric at the stadium.) Playing the additional acoustic set suggests that they had some more time - as well as playing the half-hour Lovelight!

If asked, Lemieux might give us the full setlist on his tapes, which would help.

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Poster: Arck Date: Jul 17, 2013 8:43am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

Good detective work. I read the comments in the thread you linked. Good detective work by the posters there as well.

So Easy Wind is Winnipeg. That means Easy Wind and Candyman are from Winnipeg. That's all we've got from that show. Somewhere out there is the film of them doing Candyman that night. Maybe it will show up on YouTube one day. There's surely more of that show in the can...

You're spot on about the FOTD in the park - it's not synched up. In retrospect, it makes complete sense if there's no soundboard audio from the park. The shots aren't long enough for me to figure out what they're playing. Any suggestions?

I suppose one thing it does suggest is that they might have played FOTD in Calgary in the acoustic set. We could have guessed that anyway but it seems there's a recording of it from somewhere on the tour.

I find it hard to believe that, even if there are badly labelled reels or copies in the Dead vault, David L wouldn't have researched this a bit. Maybe one of us should email him. It's been a couple of months since I sent him something and last time I did, he replied almost immediately...twice!

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jul 17, 2013 11:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

I'm sure there's more of Winnipeg, and hopefully it'll surface someday!

No suggestions about what they're playing in the park shots, all you can see are a few strums...

My guess is FOTD & Cold Jordan come from the Calgary show, that being the only known recorded acoustic set. And yet...Cold Jordan was always a set-closer, and we have the end of that acoustic set. I wouldn't put it past the producers to have just grabbed the audio from an already circulating show!

The Historic Films site has 132 Festival Express reels on their site; the catch is that the only ones you can watch online are the few non-music reels; any clips with performances you have to pay to watch...
But, if you click on the pictures at least it'll tell you what's in each reel, in great detail... The truly ardent researcher would go through all this!

By the way, Lemieux mentioned in a 2005 interview:
"I think six songs by the Dead were filmed. Two were in the movie [Don't Ease Me In & New Speedway]. Two were in the bonus disc [Hard to Handle & Easy Wind], and there were two that didn't make the cut. I did recently hear the audio tapes from Winnipeg and Calgary and they were pretty good. It's basically two full shows, maybe an hour & a quarter each... I know there was a good China>Rider and a good Lovelight [probably the ones he's put on the Taper's Section]. Typical 1970 material: some sloppy stuff, some out of tune stuff, but also some incredibly interesting Pigpen stuff. There's a good Attics of My Life, too."

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Poster: Arck Date: Jul 17, 2013 5:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

Cold Jordan could have been the encore. It also could have been the encore in Winnipeg. All someone needs to so is listen to every SBD Cold Jordan and FOTD from 1970 and see if the versions in the film match any of them. Easy...

David L says two other filmed songs didn't make the cut - Lovelight and Candyman perhaps?

So they have the two full shows...seems odd that he'd then be confusing the two dates when posting the tracks to the Tapers' Section. It doesn't sound like either show will ever be released in its entirety. As you and others have suggested, it wouldn't surprise me if the shows are mainly very unremarkable.

We're they playing Attics acoustic by June/July or was it still only electric? I can't recall. I guess we can add it to the incomplete setlist.

With all due respect to David L - he has always been very gracious and informative when replying to my emails - he can be very selective when he discusses things. He comes across as a bit goofy but I think he's very deliberate when he reveals (or doesn't reveal) something we didn't know.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jul 17, 2013 8:55pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: new Festival Express UPDATES

Lemieux might not have seen all the footage of the Dead... Maybe he was just shown six complete Dead songs that had been synced & edited together, and others may be incomplete or not have sound. (There might not exist a complete film clip of that youtube Lovelight, for instance.)

But it does strike me as curious that we have neither sound nor video for even a second of the Dead's Toronto show; nor apparently is it in the Vault. Lost, perhaps?

Attics was mostly electric at that point. There is an acoustic version at the 6/24/70 early show - but that was in the special confines of the Capitol Theater, and I wouldn't expect the Dead to try it acoustic in a festival stadium setting.

I wouldn't rush to call an unheard show unremarkable! Granted, there were probably no adventurous setlists or big jams, but we seem to have most of the Calgary show and it's pretty good, maybe average for the time.
Maybe Toronto was shaky, due to the tense environment & interruptions, but a newspaper report said the Dead "gave a great foot-stomping, pounding, hour-long set, the audience with them all the way, dancing and singing." We have a couple reports saying that all the bands played better as the tour progressed.

Feel free to email Lemieux! I did not have luck emailing him on previous topics, so I don't have much hope of getting setlists out of him... He is indeed selective in what he reveals.